Our Beef & Lamb

Raising Beef on Erinvale is a long-held tradition in our family and something we are extremely passionate about. Kieren is a 5th generation farmer and butcher who’s insight into the beef industry is second to none.

Our herd is predominantly a mix of Limousin, Santa Gertrudis and Hereford cattle with a sprinkle of Speckled Park thrown in, just to make things interesting! Our bulls are chosen carefully and run with the herds all year round to ensure a constant supply of young stock on our farm.

Our cattle lead a charmed life, content grazing on the natural grasses, supplemented when necessary with a hay and lick ration to keep their diet balanced. Those that go through to the meat supply chain are finished on a grain ration for consistency purposes. Rather than rely on a commercial feed ration, we grow crops and then mix the ration ourselves right here on farm.

At times, due to high demand, we source suitable cattle from other Darling Downs farmers and finish them to our high standard. We are responsible for all aspects of raising our cattle – from feeding and watering and everyday management to vet care, transportation, packaging, and delivery. At all times our cattle have access to ample food, fresh water and shade and are handled in a respectful and low stress manner. Animal care and welfare is of utmost importance to us.

Our Lamb is also raised on Erinvale by Kieren’s parents Errol and Diane, who handle all aspects of their care and transport. Again, they are content grazing on the natural pastures with those chosen for butchering finished on grain to achieve a consistent product.