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Bannock Brae Meats is well known for its delicious traditional wood-smoked ham & bacon.
Here's a few things you may not know…..

  • Our hams are available all year round - either as full or half legs of ham or as sliced ham
  • You can choose from ham-on-the-bone (with the bone left in) or boneless hams
  • We package our sliced ham in convenient cryovac packs - just perfect for lunches.
  • Our ham and bacon is traditionally wood-smoked the old-fashioned way using hardwood sawdust (not pumped with artificial smoke)
  • Our hams are gluten free. We can accomodate nitrate free & salt only requirements - just ask!
  • We support local pork producers & Aussie Farmers!
  • Bannock Brae Meats won first prize for ham and bacon at the Brisbane Ekka in the District Exhibit section in 2007, 2008 & again in 2009!!!
  • We also make delicious cheese kabana, cheerios, frankfurts & saveloys.

PH: 46 967 062 to arrange your delivery!!

  • Bacon


    • Traditional wood smoked
    • Sunday brekkie must
    • Gluten free
    • Salt only and Nitrate free options
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