Our Farms


We are proud to be 5th generation farmers responsible for two beautiful properties on the outskirts of Meringandan on the rich and fertile Darling Downs.


Originally settled by Kieren’s family in 1906, Erinvale 1700 acres is a delightful mix of Australian landscape and productive farming land.

From harsh ironstone and sandstone ridges and rolling grass covered hills, to the patchwork of crops, this property is home to our herd of limousin cross cattle. Two creeks, Meringandan and Cooby, meander through the property, meeting in the middle at “The Junction”. From the highest points, there are views of Cooby Dam, the lights of Highfields and Oakey, and the persistent glow of the distant Coal Mine. At night, the sky is littered with stars and the only sounds to be heard are the bubbling creek, the whispering of trees and the occasional dingo howl.

Erinvale supplies the majority of our hay and grain requirements, with barley, sorghum, lucerne and forage being our main crops. Occasionally a crop of white French millet may be added to the patchwork of paddocks. The colours are amazing, from the rich chocolate of the newly ploughed earth to the intense orange of a ripe sorghum crop, the clean yellow of a freshly baled paddock of hay and the luscious green of a towering forage crop.

Our animals live in peaceful and beautiful surrounds spending most of their days grazing on the scenic hills. Those chosen for meat are supplemented with a grain ration for around 50-60 days to allow a consistent product.

We feel privileged to be the custodians of such a beautiful place.

Bannock Brae

About 1½ km from Erinvale is “Bannock Brae”. Originally owned by Samuel Willis, brother to Kieren’s great-grandfather, this property changed hands several times before we bought it in 2001, reverting it back to its original name.

Bannock Brae is set on 63 acres and is home to our family, our many and varied pets, and our business, Bannock Brae Meats, which we built in 2005. There is some cultivation where we mainly grow forage and lucerne and the balance of the block is grazing country. Meringandan Creek runs through the property forming the eastern boundary.

We usually bring our weaners home to Bannock Brae to settle them down and introduce them to a grain ration. They join a mix of other animals including our happy hens and roosters, turkeys, ducks, Tillie – our resident farm cat, our 3-legged working wonder dog Ellie, and her enthusiastic co-worker Skye, both of border collie descent and Tess our leggy border/kelpie cross.  And of course, Cocky, our talking cockatoo.

Bannock Brae is a hive of activity and each day is different. We love it!