Christmas Hams

All about your Bannock Brae Christmas Ham

Perhaps you are considering purchasing a Bannock Brae Christmas ham or you may already have done so. We hope you enjoy it. Many hours of preparation have gone into preparing the perfect ham for you…….

The Process:

Each ham is hand trimmed by our expert butchers, then pumped with a salt cure. The ham then soaks in a brine solution before the smoking/cooking process occurs. Hams are smoked for around 11 hours using a variety of hardwood sawdust. Our smoke ovens run 24 hours per day at this time of year, smoking 2 shifts of ham per day. Hams are then hung in the coldroom where excess juice drips out. Last of all, hams are cut to your requirements, weighed, and packaged using a cryovac bag.

For best results:

  • Leave ham in cryovac bag until almost ready to use.
  • When opened, wrap in a damp teatowel/cloth or ham bag and keep refrigerated.
  • You may glaze or bake your ham if you desire but there is no need as your ham is cooked and ready to eat!
  • Keep the bone and freeze for beautiful pea & ham soup later in the year.
  • The best way to carve your ham is to lay your ham skin side up, peel back the skin, slice required amount and replace skin over the ham to keep moisture in.

**** WARNING!!! - Don’t open your ham too early or you may be tempted to taste it. People have been known to eat their entire christmas ham before the big day. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to replace your ham under these circumstances!!

Much time, energy, heart & soul goes into preparing our Christmas hams.

We hope that you enjoy it!

Merry Christmas!!