What makes us different?

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There are plenty of bulk meat options on the market these days. So what makes Bannock Brae Meats different?

Unlike many of our competitors, Bannock Brae Meats is responsible for the entire chain of events in our beef production (except slaughter which is carried out at an accredited abattoir).

This means there is no middle man and it also means we can keep our prices lower.

Our Cattle + Our Grain/Hay + Our shop + Our Butcher + Our Delivery Driver = Greater Savings to YOU!!

At Bannock Brae Meats we:-

  • Breed and grow an exceptional line of limousin-cross cattle (Absolutely no hormone growth promotants or anti-biotics used)
  • Grow, mix & feed our own special ration to finish cattle consistently
  • Personally select the best finished cattle each week
  • Transport cattle to a fully accredited abattoir ourselves - the welfare of our cattle is always of utmost importance. Low stress handling and minimum travel time is a priority.
  • Trim, prepare and slice to your requirements
  • Pack & label each order with care
  • Deliver to your door (local & Brisbane deliveries arranged)
  • Pride ourselves on our excellent personal customer service.